English Classes for Adolescent Learners


English Language Courses for teenagers in Barcelona As studying after a long day at school can be difficult, we make the classes at the Urban School as dynamic as possible. Our native speaker teachers employ multi-media and introduce students to aspects of English-speaking culture to help make learning more memorable and enjoyable. As with all ages, our focus remains firmly on communication. Our students often come with a sound receptive knowledge of English which they struggle to use actively. Our classes aim to show students how to use what they already know to help them become more effective users of English and to develop their knowledge and skills even further.

English Language Courses for students in Barcelona Monitoring Progress

To ensure progress is being made, at the end of every trimester we review and test what has been taught. We regularly invite parents to meet the teachers and parents are encouraged to contact the Directors whenever necessary.

Exams for Adolescents

As many of our students are interested in gaining an official qualification, we provide preparation for University of Cambridge exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE & CPE). We have many years of experience in this field and are happy to offer our expert advice. We will only recommend students for exams when we feel they are totally ready.


Our level groups are formed of students of similar ages as far as possible. Maximum class size: 10

We offer short-term reduced group or 1-2-1 support classes on demand. Please contact us to discuss timetable options and prices.

Classes & Prices*

Description Duration Price
General English courses
90 minutes x2 classes per week.
10 Months €100 per month**
€270 per trimester
FCE preparation
90 minutes x2 classes per week.
10 Months €120 per month
€324 per trimester

Enrolment fee for all courses is just €30.
*Prices do not include course books.
**€111 for groups with fewer than 4 students.

Adolescent Learner Levels

Urban School Level CEF Level Cambridge Exams
A2 KET (Key English Test)
T5 B1 PET (Preliminary English Test)
T6 B1.5  
T7 B2 FCE (First Certificate in English)
T8 C1  
T9 C1 CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)